Future Medical Care for
Intractable Diseases, Cancer,
and Infectious Diseases
pioneered by ImmunoGenomics

Laboratory of Precision Immunology
We aim to achieve personalized and stratified medicine using immunological approaches to overcome intractable diseases.

Laboratory of Immunogenomics
We conduct genomic and immunogenomic analyses of various diseases to develop personalized treatments, especially immunotherapy.

Platform of Therapeutics for Intractable Diseases
We operate the National Database of Designated Intractable Diseases of Japan, for about one million patients per year.

Laboratory of Rare Disease Information and Resource Library
We analyze drug target genes/pathways, constructing their database, as well as operate the biobank for rare diseases.

Laboratory of Reverse Translational Research (TBA)



Informing patients in a timely manner and contributing broadly to people's health and longevity through interdisciplinary research involving experts in the fields of intractable disease database, genome and immunology


  • Exploring approaches to intractable diseases, cancer and infectious diseases by elucidating the hidden connections between genomic and immune information.

  • Utilizing platforms for high-dimensional immunological analysis seamlessly connecting non-clinical and clinical data.

  • Developing immunotherapies for cancer based on clinical and genomic information.


  • [ 2024.4.1 ]
    Website opens.
    Information of the Center for Intractable Diseases and ImmunoGenomics (CiDIG) is available from this site.